📲 Direct Install

This install method works for any iOS 15-17

Donate for our Silver or above Package

Silver - 1 iPhone & 1 iPad (72 hour wait)
Gold - 1 iPhone & 1 iPad (Instant Sign)
Diamond - 2 iPhones & 2 iPads (Instant Sign)

After donation, your account will be activated instantly, next:

PokeXperience Direct Install Guide.
Must be a Silver Donator or higher to access. Only 1 iPhone & iPad per individual, unless Diamond+.
  1. Join PokeXperience Discord Server and Donate for Silver or above Package.
  2. Obtain your UDID which you can get here. https://pokexperience.com/udid/ (Make sure you view this page in Safari Browser) (This step will require permission to download. Authorize discord then click allow.)
  3. Go to Settings and you should see Profile Downloaded underneath your iCloud Profile otherwise Settings->General->VPN & Device Management->Click "Get UDID"->Install.
  4. You'll then see your UDID displayed to you on your Device.
  5. You'll then receive a private install link for you instantly or need to wait if you are Silver donator.
  6. Click the provided link, download and spoof at your own leisure.
Need to update? Do so by using the same direct install link you were provided.

Install Guide on Discord

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