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This install method works for any iOS 14/15/16

Donate for our Silver or above Package

Silver - 1 iPhone Device & 1 iPad Device
Diamond - 2 iPhones & 2 iPads (enquire for more)

After donation, your account will be activated instantly, next:

PokeXperience Direct Install Guide.
Must be a Silver Donator or higher to access. Only 1 iPhone & iPad per individual, unless Sapphire+. Keep in mind that slots are limited, once you've used your slot it's permanent and will not be swapped out for a new device.
  1. Join PokeXperience Discord Server and Donate for Silver or above Package.
  2. Obtain your UDID which you can get here. https://pokexperience.com/udid/ (Make sure you view this page in Safari Browser) (This step will require permission to download. Authorize discord then click allow.)
  3. Open Your Phone Settings -> General -> Profile -> Click "Get UDID" -> Install.
  4. You'll then see your UDID displayed to you on your Device. (If you don't or it asks you to authorise Discord again, please contact a member of Staff or ask in #donators_club for help.)
  5. You'll then receive a private install link for you instantly**.
  6. Click the provided link, download and spoof at your own leisure.
Need to update? Do so by using the same direct install link you were provided.

Install Guide on Discord

*On the very rare occasion that it may get revoked, we will have a backup link working for you shortly.
**Most of the time it's instant but there can sometimes be bugs/problems so please be patient and we will keep you up to date.
If your device was previously revoked, it's unlikely it will be instant.