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Our Services

Our Offers

Bronze offer image

#💯donator Channel - Extra 100IV Pokemons.
#💯event Channel - 100IV Event Pokemon.
#candy Channel - Request Pokemon from our Candy Bot.
#shiny_mons Channel - High IV Shiny Pokemon.
#quests Channel - Search field research pokestop tasks.
#lake_trio Channel - Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie
#donator_chat - Chat with other donators and be first to learn about new exploits and trade with other trusted members.

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Silver offer image

Bronze Package +

#💯max_cp Channel - Extra 100IV LVL 35 Pokemons.
#💯shiny Channel - Extra 100IV Shiny Pokemons.
#💯regional Channel - 100IV Regional Pokemons.
#2500_plus Channel - Pokemons with over 2500 CP.
#100_xs_xl Channel - Double XL/XS 100IV Pokemons.

Gold offer image
Gold (Best Value)

Silver Package +

Notify Service via Private Message - Can specify Name, Level, Height/Weight, Gender and even Country!
#lvl35 Channel - LVL 35 Pokemons.
#80_plus_rare Channel - Rare 80+% Pokemons.
#2750_plus Channel - Pokemons with over 2700 CP.
#0iv Channel - 0IV Pokemons.
#unown - Unown Pokemons.
#pvp_mons Channel - Perfect Great/Ultra League Pokemons.
#marketplace Channel - Post an ad in the channel

Diamond offer image

Gold Package +

iSpoofer Pro Key - (Worth $4.95)
#💯alola Channel - 100IV Alolan Pokemons.
#3000_plus Channel - Pokemons with over 3000 CP.
#max_cp_rare Channel - Rare LVL 35 Pokemons.

Sapphire offer image

Diamond Package +

Specific City/GPS notifications

Access to Lvl 30+ accounts

Access to Mapper Data

Json/Webhook Shiny Feed

Access to all new features first.

Platinum offer image

Sapphire Package +

1 Hour with 0x0x

Custom Name & Colour on Discord

Priority Service

Shiny Pokemon (shundo) service (ask staff for details)


Instant activation.

Discord Username (with #)

Donations last 30 days or so from when you subscribe.
If you are having problems donating, please contact the Admin Mewtwo on Discord.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Please understand that you will not be allowed to copy or share donator coordinates to other servers, channels, Facebook, Twitter, (anywhere else on the internet).
  2. No alternative discord accounts are to be used.
  3. Coordinates are for personal use only. If you decide to break these terms, you will be banned and the donation will not be refunded.
  4. By sending us a donation, you agree to these terms.
  5. You must abide by the server rules.
  6. No refunds.

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