Hello and welcome Pokemon Trainers !

To receive extra 100IV coordinates, you may donate to help us fund running our maps and our bots. Donating will give you access to more 100IV Pokémons, and other exciting features and services. Download the Discord app right now and join us in the next level pokémon hunt.

Don't fall victim to servers like Pokesnipers, check snapshots below for proof and feel free to join our channel to check it out.


Our Services

Our Offers

Bronze offer image

Bronze package gives access to the following channels :

#donator_chat - talk amongst other donators and be first to learn about time bugs and exploits in Pokemon Go and trade with other trusted members.

Silver offer image

Silver package include all previous rewards in the Bronze package.

Notify Service via Private Message, never miss a 100IV Pokemon when you are alerted straight to your inbox. (No Levels)

Gold offer image

Gold package include all previous rewards in the Silver package.

Notify Service via Private Message - Can specify Level, Height/Weight, Gender and even Country!

Diamond offer image

Diamond package include all previous rewards in the Gold package.

Access to all features and new ones in the future first.

Access to spare accounts

Sapphire offer image

Sapphire package include all previous rewards in the Diamond package.

Access to Lvl 30+ accounts

Platinum offer image

Platinum package include all previous rewards in the Sapphire package.

Gain a Moderator position PokeX (:

Include priority on new features and requests. This is also to show your support to PokeX and help us keep going !


Discord Username (with #)

If you are having problems donating, please contact the Admin Mewtwo on Discord.

Terms & Conditions:

Please be aware that some of our services rely on Bossland services, which can sometimes be unavailable resulting in ours to be also.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that using our bots, is at your own risk and we are not responsible of any kind/form of banning. We do our best to prevent this though.

As soon as you remove your donation, your Reward will be removed. Please understand that you will not be allowed to copy donator coordinates to other servers, channels, Facebook, Twitter, (anywhere else on the internet).
No alternative discord accounts are to be used.
Coordinates are for personal use only. If you decide to break these terms, you will be banned and the donation will not be refunded. By sending us a donation, you agree to these terms.

No refunds.

Check out our amazing channels

- Currently not working as the bots are down but check our main 100iv channel on discord!

Max CP 100% IV Channel. If you're looking for perfection, you've found the place.

Hundreds of max pokémons every days. Make your choice.

Max coords

100% IV high and low Level. Looking for that particular rare pokémon at all cost ?

Or looking for pokémons with a decent level ? This is the place.

High level pokémons

XL and XS Channel. You only catch skinny and fatties pokémon ?

We have the perfect place for your addiction.

XL and XS channel

100% Shiny Channel. Only possible shiny pokémons.

Shiny checking has never been so easy.

100% shiny channel

Candy Bot. Need Candy ? we got them, all around the world.

Candy bot channel

VIP Candy Bot. Taking the candy hunt to a next level.

VIP candy bot channel

Starbot & Rainbot channel. Powerfull rare pokémons finder.

The rarest pokémons, exclusively on PokeXperience.

Starbot channel

Skybot. Snipe from Discord.

Automated bot to easily snipe pokemons. In a hurry ? Simply add a reaction below the pokémon coordinates and Skybot will do the rest for you.


Report Bot. Get all the stats for a precise pokémon.

Wonder what IV is that snorlax you found here or there ? Just paste its name, the coordinates and report bot will tell you everything about it just in a few seconds.

Report bot