Sniping is the term we use to define “teleport and catch a Pokemon” which is far from your real location. In order to snipe, just enter the coordinates of the Pokemon into your spoofing app, tap on the Pokemon and catch it ! Sniping comes with a lot of rules you will have to follow to avoid being penalized.

First of all, you will need to respect timers depending on how far you want to teleport and interact with the game : this is called “cooldown” (explained just below). You can also “camp” a Pokemon if you don't want to miss it (also explained below).

Cooldown is the amount of time you need to wait before doing anything when teleporting from place to place!
Some in-game actions will reset your cooldown to the new position you made that action. You will then have to wait xx minutes if you want to do something else in a far away place. Usually when teleporting from country to country, you will have to wait 120 minutes between the “jumps“.

Actions that will reset your cooldown are :
  1. Catching a Pokemon
  2. Throwing a berry or a Pokeball on the ground on encounter screen
  3. Spinning a Pokestop (even if your bag is full)
  4. Placing and feeding Pokemon in gyms, or attacking the gym
  5. Catching a Raid Boss or throwing a berry at it
Actions that will NOT reset your cooldown are :
  1. Teleporting
  2. Encountering a Pokemon
  3. Trading
  4. Remote berry feeding
  5. Hatching eggs
  6. Catching a Pokemon for a Quest reward
  7. Speed raiding
  8. Evolving or powering up a Pokemon

Check here for a detailed cooldown chart (or this image).

The term “Camping” is used to describe the situation when you have to stay on the catch screen without throwing a ball or berry at the Pokemon until you can catch it and that depends on the distance and amount of time since your last action. You NEED to respect the cooldown times otherwise the Pokemon will flee. If you don't know what cooldown is, check the question just above!

You can do as many raids as you want continuously without triggering cooldown.
You need to be off of your previous cooldown and you can't throw a berry or ball to the raid boss after the battle. You have to hit run and move to the next raid no matter where it will be.
The point of speed raids are usually to find a shiny or a certain IV.

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PS: If you try to message our donators and ask them to type the stuff you need there, you will be banned, be warned.
You probably got banned for a good reason. I invite you to read our rules on the channel #rules_guides before doing anything forbidden.

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All the coords posted in our discord and app are only for trainers level 30 and above. If you have a level lower than that, the pokémon IV and CP will be random.

Weather changing every hour may also change the IV of the pokémons. So if a pokémon is posted before 5PM, and you check it at 5:01PM and weather changed, don't be surprised and always verify the CP is matching.
Check some Famous Locations to see the most commons places.